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The state of New York is composed by 5 districts; Queens is one of the largest and most culturally diverse. Here you can enjoy some parks to unwind of the hustle and bustle of the city and discover several museums where you can appreciate contemporary and historic art.

However, if you are visiting the state of New York, there is one district you cannot miss: Manhattan. The Big Apple will surprise you in many different ways, for its lively ambiance and its busy lifestyle, for its avenues, its museums and theatres, its skyscrapers… The city that never sleeps has it all. Do you want to discover it?


Undoubtedly, if there is something that characterizes this city are the buildings that make up its skyline. Walking through its streets you cannot stop admiring the greatness of this buildings rising like giants in the avenues of the city.

One World Trade Center: It is the highest building in the city. It is located in Lower Manhattan and it takes up the former location of the Twin Towers, destroyed in the attacks of 2001.

Empire State Building: is one of the symbols of the country, as it was the tallest building in the word during 40 years. This construction has two viewpoints, located in the 86th floor and in the 102nd floor. The views offered from both viewpoints are much more than breathtaking.

Chrysler Building: this construction offers a lot of worth seeing architectonical details, for example its gargoyles.

Rockefeller Center: you cannot miss the panoramic that offers its viewpoint known as the Top of the Rock, you will feel at the top of the city and you will admire the greatness of the island.

Streets and avenues
Streets and avenues

You have to walk around these streets and avenues to discover the authentic American dream.

Wall Street: the most important financial center of the United States is a narrow street located in the South of the island. Regard the bustle of the city as you see how workers move fast from one sidewalk to another, always carrying their cases and mobile phones.

Fifth Avenue: one of the most famous streets and showcases in the world. Go down its more than 7 kilometers and feel like Audrey Hepburn in front of Tiffany in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Broadway: here you will feel how theater invades each corner of the street. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a musical!

Times Square: you have not visited Manhattan if you do not visit Times Square. Stop and see all the lights, the lively ambiance, the advertisements…

You cannot miss either…
You cannot miss either…

A wonderful walk along Central Park, the lungs of the Big Apple.

A boat ride to see closer the Statue of Liberty and admire the skyline of the South of Manhattan.

Cross, or at least try, the Brooklyn Bridge.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the MOMA.

Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the statue of Atlas.

See the hall of Grand Central Station.